Our Story

At heart, this is a family business started by two brothers on Key Biscayne. Armando and Alejandro von Hartz were raised to understand the value of a good education. They succeeded at school despite the gap they experienced in professional educational support outside of the schooling system. After exploring the world and excelling at college, the two brothers harnessed their energy and knowledge, offering school-age students private tutoring services to help them not only achieve their potential academically but also flourish as individuals.

It didn’t take them long to realize that being young and in-tune with the constantly shifting education system put them in a unique position to help their students. They were young enough to relate to their students, yet mature enough to be trusted by parents and quickly became role models and treated like members of the family.

When demand for their services grew, they started recruiting other college students and recent graduates who shared their passion for education and excelled academically, making sure that each tutor was well-versed and recommended by their universities in the subjects they taught. This model has been so successful that G3 has expanded beyond its individualized and personalized tutoring to also offer full homeschooling services following the Florida Virtual School system (FLVS) and a highly successful college admissions program to help students excel in entrance exams (including SAT, ACT and HSPT), write engaging admissions letters and leave a lasting impression in college interviews.

More Than Tutors

Being active and actively engaged in the community is a must for any G3 tutor, and Alejandro and Armando lead by example:

Alejandro, an honor roll student who graduated Cum Laude and received a recommendation from the Dean, has cycled from Florida to California and from Portugal to France.

Armando has visited more than 20 countries in Europe, the Caribbean, North, Central and South America. He has hiked over 10 mountains and has worked with Southeast Environmental Research Center (SERC), coordinating resilient, environmentally friendly buildings for government and academic use.


The philosophy of the company is rooted in the relationship between tutors, students and parents, and G3 takes every measure to ensure a good fit is found not only for each student’s academic needs, but also their personality. They have found that developing a strong bond between tutor and student leads to greater academic success, eagerness to achieve and more open communication.

In addition to academic excellence and an adventurous spirit, all G3 tutors are bilingual (English/Spanish) at a minimum. This has helped them offer their services to students that are newly-arrived from other parts of the world and provide US college admissions assistance to international students looking to study in the USA.

Based out of Key Biscayne, G3 offers one-on-one individualized tutoring, comprehensive homeschooling and college admissions programs to students of all ages and abilities in Brickell, Coconut Grove, Coral Gables, Wynwood, Midtown and all the way up to Miami Shores.