why G3 tutoring

Our philosophy is rooted in the relationship between our tutors, students and their parents. We personalize our programs to fulfill each individual student’s needs and believe that the bond between tutor and student is just as important as an academic match. All our instructors are college students or recent graduates that have excelled in their specific subject and act not only as teachers, but also as role models for our students. We’ve found that a deeper relationship leads to greater academic success, eagerness to achieve and more open communication.


We personalize our approach to every student, making sure our tutors, teaching style and content are the best possible fit.

The relationship between our students and instructors continues beyond the end of the class; developing a strong bond that motivates our students to deliver great results and see our tutors as role models.

We offer a fresh approach to tutoring and provide a positive example for our students to follow through our team of young teachers, all of whom have excelled in school and life.

With in-depth experience of the Florida Virtual School system (FLVS); we offer full homeschooling support to students of all abilities and diverse circumstances.

Beyond homeschooling anåd private tutoring, we drastically improve our students’ chances of getting into the college they deserve through our tailored college admissions program that we offer to local and international students in English and Spanish.